Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Note From Our Sponsor

This is Farmer Smith here, from the Motel Hello! The Motel Hello is a proud sponsor of Phantom Creep Radio. You may have played our Jerky Jumble some dark and stormy night at the Midnite Monster Hop, but today I'm here to talk to you about merchandise!

That's right, don't forget at the Midnite Monster Hop you can purchase several different Phantom Creep Radio shirts - both glow in the dark, as well as a Vampira double-sided "Get" shirt!

This Phantom Creep shirt was designed by Baz from Clash City Tattoo!

This Vampira shirt was designed by Maila Nurmi herself 30+ years ago. At the time, it came with a note that explained what "Get" was all about. We've printed the note on the back of the shirt! Now when people are standing behind you.. they'll "get" it! But first you'll have to "get" yours at Otto's Shrunken Head!

Purchase any of the shirts and receive a FREE Midnite Monster Hop 2016 calendar!

This has been Farmer Smith from the Motel Hello reminding you to stop in an see us sometime.

Stay in the know! Grab the newly expanded 2016 calendar at the next Midnite Monster Hop with Deadly Lo-Fi & the Othermen!

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