Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Phantom Creep Radio #30: Thomas Torment

The moon is full during the summer sky, so why not go barking mad and howl, howl at the star-lit sky! FARMER SMITH, the PHANTOM CREEPS' resident werewolf, takes to the DJ booth. He doesn't say much, but with his dogbreath, be glad he's a strong silent type. If you want someone who can't hold his tongue, then get ready for the howling lunatic that is THOMAS TORMENT! He's having a screamin' good time in the back of OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD, all part of the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP!
Join as THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, DJ GREG-GORY and the rest of the creeps dig up a night full of punk, junk, rock and roll that'll steal your soul. If you've got fleas...BRING 'EM! Everyone's welcome at the Monster Hop.You never know who'll you go home with.

If you want to transform into a snarling beast and get down on all fours, join us on July 28, where GENKI GENKI PANIC and THE UNDEAD will leave you spinnin' and grinnin' and beggin' for more.

So, grow some fur, get a pentagram in your palm, find your pack or be a lone wolf. It's about to get hairy, because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!