Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Phantom Creep Radio #29: THE DEMON SEEDS

So you say you have the devil inside of you? Just one? Get possessed, exorcised and RE-possessed all over again as the BUCKET O’ BLOOD, the PHANTOM CREEPS’ outta-space, outta-time pulmonary vessel travels back when the gates of hell opened up to spew forth a sound…of pure rock and roll temptation! The devil’s favorite sons, THE DEMON SEEDS, brought a bit of Beelzebub to the back of OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD, leaving people speaking in tongues while ordering drinks and leaving lipstick pentagrams on the bathroom mirror.

Before you sign over your soul in exchange for a steamin’ scorpion bowl, listen as DJ GREG-GORY, THE MIGHTY MOLOCH and the rest of the PHANTOM CREEPS play some sinful sounds that would make Ol’ Scratch himself tap his cloven foot. Baphomet, Asmodeus and Belial all get carded at the front, but it’s Lucifer who greases the palms of the demon working the door and invited inside.

If this devilish episode is enough to tempt you, come down to Otto’s Shrunken Head in New York City on May 26. ARGYLE GOOLSBY AND THE ROAMING MIDNIGHT will play the Monster Hop, along with the THE LONG LOSTS. Plus, the Creeps will be on hand to spin the splatter platters that really matter.

Let down your hair, grow a pair of horns and take a deep breath of sulfur because it’s about to get hellacious. PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!