Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Phantom Creep Radio #07

It's the first half of a double-headed Creature feature that saw two Necro-Tone Records bands take the stage at Otto's for the April edition of the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP. Jump headfirst into a lagoon of tunes that'll make you croon, as the Mighty Moloch and DJ Greg-Gory see who can hold their breath the longest. Ginger Frightus gives a forecast of horror and hear calls from all over. It's time to hang ten (or more!) with the latest episode of Phantom Creep Radio!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Phantom Creep Radio #06

Just like a shadow from the tomb, the thought-to-be long lost episode of Phantom Creep Radio appears! Concluding the March Midnite Monster Hop, the Frankenstein Madness continues as Moloch talks both Richard Elfman (of as well as  a scholar on the Frankenstein subject. Farmer Smith has another Motel Hell-O Jerkey Jumble. Plus, Ek the Ghoul calls in! All this and more on this episode of Phantom Creep Radio!