Thursday, February 22, 2018

Phantom Creep Radio #26: Snatch Attack

LUX LIVES! Jump into the BUCKET O’ BLOOD, the PHANTOM CREEPS’ outta-space, outta-time PULMONARY VESSEL as we travel back to LUX LIVES 2017! The annual celebration of the life and legacy of LUX INTERIOR saw the audience at OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD get slayed and resurrected by SNATCH ATTACK! Nitty-gritty, down n’ dirty, howl like a dog and hiss like a kitty kind of ROCK N’ ROLL.

With KOGAR THE SWINGING APE as guest DJ, hear some far-out 45s. Let him monkey with your tail while THE MIGHTY MOLOCH and DJ GREG-GORY spin the platters that really matter. People ain’t no good, so put your faith in some big black witchcraft rock. Do the Hot Pearl Snatch, the Dopefiend Boogie, and the Ultra Twist. Call the Mojo Man from Mars, Dr. Fucker M.D. and Elvis Fuckin’ Christ, because you’re going to go inside out and upside down with all of them!

After you wake up in the gutter, STAY THERE! The legendary psychobilly band THE GUTTER DEMONS will join the equally iconic MEMPHIS MORTICIANS for the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP on February 24, a night of debauchery, deviancy and decapitations! Lose your head at OTTO’s in NEW YORK CITY. Find and find yourself at Otto’s Shrunken Head for the Monster Hop!

Right now, find yourself a doctor because it’s time to STAY SICK. PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!