Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dates That Really Rate: Saturday, January 2nd!

Greetings 'Creeps and 'Caskettes! This is the Mighty Moloch here. I like dead things, such as the art of letter writing! Ek the ghoul is helping me share it with you on

In-between Midnite Monster Hops, we travel throughout all of space and time in our Bucket o'Blood. Did you know there are more wonders of the universe than you can shake a stick of dynamite at? That's right, there are countless sights to behold to inspire the young and the old: Artists, dreamers, and creators, have struggled and fought not just throughout time on your own planet, but on infinite spheres throughout the inky, infinite, blackness of space! 

Throw out your Hallmark holidays! Today is important!

As we collectively race towards our inevitable doom, the Midnite Monster Hop marks the births & beginnings of those that really rate! Invest time and energy into the existences of Dziga Vertov who was born on this date in 1896, Charles Beaumont who was born on this date in 1929, The Magic Castle that first opened its doors on this date in 1963, and last, but certainly not least, Ultra Q (ウルトラQ) that premiered on this date in 1965!

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